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About Us

Center for Partnering for Student Success

“Our mission is to inspire, engage and support parents, schools and communities to improve learning and developmental outcomes for children and youth.”

Organizational Information and Key Partners "The U.S. Department of Education created the first Parent Information Resource Centers (PIRCs) in 1995 to provide parents, schools and organizations working with families with training, information, and technical assistance to understand how children develop and what they need to succeed in school. In the past, more than 62 statewide PIRCs operated in all of the states across the nation and in the US territories. As the Iowa PIRC we worked closely with parents, educators and community organizations to strengthen partnerships so that children can reach high academic standards.  Federal funding for PIRCs ended in September 2011.    

In July 2012 Iowa PIRC became the Center for Partnering for Student Success (PSS).  PSS works in collaboration with the Iowa Department of Education, School Administrators of Iowa (SAI), Area Education Agency 267, and the Center for Active Family Engagement (CAFÉ). PSS also continuously studies best-known practices in the field of family engagement in education, and has on-going contact with national experts in this field.    

On this website you will find many resources that have been developed using best-known practice by the Center for Partnering for Student Success. These resources are available for schools and/or districts to use to help support their efforts in connecting with families in order to support student learning.  There are also valuable recourses for families to use to help them better support their children’s learning at home.  Along with these resources you will also find information on the Partnering for Student Success (PSS) program model that is designed to build the capacity of schools to improve student learning through a series of tightly connected parent engagement activities that address specific learning and achievement issues.  For more information on this model please click here – PSS Program Model Information (Judy please make this a live link).  If you would like further information on any of the resources on this website or support with your school’s or district’s goal of engaging families for student success please Contact Us (Judy please make this a live link).    

At the Center for Partnering for Student Success we are committed to increasing parent and educator knowledge about effective parent involvement strategies aimed at increased student achievement. The ultimate purpose of this website it to help parents and educators work together so all students can be successful.